Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hello you are welcome invited to Hafizah Sapuan’s journal in first two month of 2008

First of all I know supposedly akma yg start dulu. But since she is serving for the national service, I decided to ganti her for this part.

It’s 2008. And we are eighteen, the years that most of people might look forward thru it and I’m one of them. Haha. J Hey skrg kite dah lapas belas tahun. Dah mcm2 bende kite blh wat scre legal!. Such hmm..umm… ok currently I’m thinking like apa benda baik yg blh kita when we are 18…but apparently I cant found any. The things that kept appearing in my mind is smoking! Watch porn show, maybe kebebasan! Huh semuanye tak baik..well at least you can have your license! Yay! Tapi itu saya dah buat masa high school dulu. So looks like I have nothing exciting thing to do after school. High school.

High school. Wah dah hamper 10 tahun kita dah bersekolah. Once we use to be fergile, very vulnerable to dangers but now we’re big. And soon we will be an adult. Wow that’s scary. And about that I’ll talk about it we are so fucking young! Enjoy it!

So officially I’m already eighteen. Febraury the first…(ni khas utk syazwan bday saya 1 feb la!) was my birthday. Nothing fancy, just simple. I’m talking about the day on my birthday. I told my parents I don’t want to celebrate my birthday like to fancy and stuff like they did when I was 17. its not like I’m not appreciating it(btw, thanks sgt2 kat kwn2 sy yg dah susah payah wat surprise party kat saya dulu) but I just don’t feel it. So told them I just want to go out with my family and have dinner together. I also bring my closes friends, raihan hatira and atikah.

It was nice. And we all had a very good time together. Ok maybe korg akan glance to the next page cuz korg akan kata aik boring ar Hafizah cite pasal birthday die lak! But actually saya nak cite kat korg yg pada hari tu saya tersedar sesuatu perkara. That is “Simplicity”.

Lately ni saya lihatkan semua org terkejar-kejarkan sesuatu. Kekayaan, kemasyuran, kesenangan, kebahgiaan, kemenangan! It occurs to all the people around us. And yes I’m talking about you guys. Masa kita kat high school dulu. Semua orang sibuk dgn SPM. Belajar belajar belajar. For the sake of your future!

Future? Masa depan yg korg sendiri pun x pasti sama ada korg berjaya ke x.Saya pun bercita-cita tinggi.

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